What’s the point of having a website if none of the web traffic turns into customers? In this video, Will Mullins discusses how to turn your website into a conversion optimised sales funnel.

00:30 – Why is conversion testing important?
00:50 – Steps you can take to convert more website traffic.
01:00 – The homepage of a multi million dollar website.
01:38 – Put content on your site that your market wants.
02:10 – A strong call to action on your site is essential.
02:45 – How can this info help your sales?
03:15 – Don’t assume you know what your website is doing for you.
03:30 – A/B split testing on your site in invaluable.
03:40 – What is the number one thing to do for your website?
03:50 – Action Steps for you today
04:50 – The importance of Google analytics
04:30 – Content is really king
05:02 – Blooopers and outtakes!

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