Need Traffic to Your Website?

Building website traffic is a good way to bring in more money from a web site. Not every person realizes this.

Many people spend a lot of their valuable spare time making modifications to their web site in hopes of making more money. They add new items, change the design, and even change the entire site, but find that this is not the primary problem.

The actual concern is how will you know if your website, or products, are going to convert into sales if you are not getting meaningful traffic to it? The answer is to spend your time building website traffic to a degree where you can correctly analyze it.

Below are a few tips.

1. Install Google Analytics on all your website pages. This is free to do and does not take any technical knowledge to install.

The importance of setting it up on all of your pages is you don’t know where people are going to enter your website as it grows. Having good statistics on your interior pages, along with your home page, let’s you make good choices on how to monetize it.

2. Free traffic. It is possible to get web site traffic without having to pay for it.

If you are willing to spend your time generating traffic this will work. One thing to know is free traffic takes longer to get going. Consequently lots of people give up before they start to see results.

One more thing to know is that you should value your time and effort as money, so when you are working it’s costing you money. The difference is it is not taken from your bank account, or being charged on your credit card.

Good methods for free traffic include article marketing, blogging, and some types of social media. Anything that requires writing could be turned into website traffic if you’re willing to learn how to do it.

3. Paid traffic. Buy traffic for fast traffic. It’s possible to be on page one of Google for targeted keywords with regards to your niche.

You do this with pay per click marketing, or PPC for short. The secret is to watch your budget and make adjustments to what is working and what’s not working. is a great web site to find out more about pay per click traffic. You can also find discount offers to try other PPC search engines besides Google.

Other forms of paid traffic which work are e-mail marketing, ezine advertising, and social networking ads on Facebook. As you start to make money you need to re-invest some of it into building website traffic to grow your business.

Donnie Baird is the owner of the Work at Home Opportunities website. Visit his work at home directory for a variety of ways to make money online including a Free Newsletter providing tools, tips, resources, and free Internet Marketing Ebooks to teach you how to be a success with them.

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