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Taking surveys is not a fast way to make money online now but, if you develop a system that allows you to do them very quickly, you can make some decent money doing online surveys. Some sites that offer this are: Survey Bounty, Survey Spot, Pinecone Research, Pure Profile, Taluna, Survey Lot, and Survey Club. These are only a few of the reputable organizations that will pay you for your valuable opinions. It can be enjoyable to give your opinions on products that you use personally and are familiar with.

Mystery shoppers

Another way to make money online now is by becoming a mystery shopper or “undercover customer.” This can be a real adventure visiting restaurants, banks, a variety of stores, or even apartment complexes. You decide on what kind of establishment you want to visit and give a detailed report on the product or service you received while you were there. Let’s say for instance you visited a restaurant, they may want to know how the hostess greeted you and how long you had to wait before you were seated. They (your mystery shopper company) may also want to know about your waitress/waiter and how your meal was. Usually they want great detail on your entire visit. Sometimes your service will include a free dinner and one glass of wine or a drink.

Call centers

You may want to try doing customer service work for a call center as a means of making money online now. Some of the companies that offer these kinds of jobs are: Alpine Access Company, eBound,,,, and You would be answering customer service calls, technical support calls, or giving sales presentations. These companies usually provide you with training and require only a basic computer system with broadband connection and a set of headphones with a mouth piece. This type of work is pretty much like having a regular job only you are able to do it in the comfort of your own home.

Affiliate marketing

One of the most lucrative ways to make money online now is affiliate marketing. You can have your own website filled with other companies products and get paid a commission whenever someone buys one of those products on your site. There are some companies that will even help you set up your own website and provide income streams that are already established so all you have to do is bring traffic to your site advertising and back linking with videos, blogs, forums, banners, articles etc. This can be very rewarding if you find a solid company that offers good training and support.

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