How to track website visitors. SiteWatch by S2R Solutions is a cloud-based web analytics/customer intelligence platform that captures complex analytical data in real-time, and simplifies it specifically for small and medium-sized businesses enabling well-informed business decisions that maximize online marketing effectiveness and increase sales opportunities.The SiteWatch by S2R Solutions solution is an integrated, single-source ecosystem providing comprehensive web analytics and campaign tracking to optimize website performance and online marketing ROI, plus an anonymous visitor identification solution that generates new sales leads directly from your website. The result is greater visibility as to how customers and prospects are engaging your business, and clear, specific steps to improve your online presence.

SiteWatch by S2R Solutions’ powerful analytics engine and easy-to-understand user interface translates critical data (visitor behavior, popular content, social media, marketing campaign performance data) into easy-to-understand, actionable information to help your business maximize marketing effectiveness, increase sales, and improve the bottom line.

As a cloud-based solution, SiteWatch by S2R Solutions requires no hardware and no complex, expensive integration. Once a simple tracking code snippet is installed on your website, you’re tracking with SiteWatch by S2R Solutions! Join other small/medium businesses and enterprises that are using SiteWatch by S2R Solutions every day to increase efficiencies and improve their online sales and marketing efforts.

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